About Us:

In 2008, Our founder, Mr. Antonio Guardia, decided to launch his brand of all-natural leather bags called BIBA, a name that his multi-brand retail stores already used. After seeing much success from the bags, it was then that BIBA decided to transform itself into a company that designs, manufactures, and offers products of excellent quality, functionality, and innovation at competitive prices. The goal was to produce a product whose perceived value is higher than its price, which evolves according to social changes and contemporary trends.
Since its humble beginning, BIBA production has grown to over 100.000 bags per year while being marketed and sold all over the globe.


The distinguished feeling perceived when touching the leather is one of our most essential attributes, the softness.

Our Philosophy:




What We Believe:

At BIBA, we believe that leather is a noble material, much like wood, linen, cotton, and ceramic. We desire that our bags be associated with these commodities rather than oil derivates that destroy our environment.
Leather is natural; therefore, each piece is unique and one of a kind, much like a piece of oak and all its natural imperfections. Our bags can become eternal being passed on from generation to generation if they are treated well.
Regarding sustainability, we produce one of the most eco-friendly bags because of the materials we use. With so many wasted sub-products in the alimentary industry, we buy and re-process the leathers giving a second life to a product that is considered otherwise waste. Not only this, but leathers used by BIBA are also a leftover of the animals not-selected by the luxury industry (they only take around 10%), which is also an important figure and a way to give back to the planet that gives so much to us.

Leather is a natural, organic and durable material, with an infinity of different finishes.
It makes us connect with the nature and the way in which humans have always used the resources to minimize waste.